Foam Product that Performs Miracles

Polyurethane foam is considered to be the most versatile man-made product in synthetic rubber industry. This foam can be made to be soft or hard according to the need of the use. Soft or flexible polyurethane foam is used in furniture, bedding, packing, carpet making and in fabrics, and hard or the rigid foam is used in thermal insulation and back of carpets. Foam used in insulation is a good way to create energy efficiency. Polyurethane foam is a rapidly growing market all over the world. According to industry analysts, the use of polyurethane will reach closer to ten million tons by 2015.

Polyurethane foam is heavily used in upholstery and packaging industries. The light-weight quality of this foam has made it an economical material to use where high quantities are needed. Carpet industry also uses polyurethane foam to increase product lifetime, to reduce noise and give a comforting feeling to the feet. However, when it comes to noise reduction acoustic foam panels are considered the best. They come in easy to use different shapes. These panels are ideal for recording studios, operating rooms in hospitals and even for apartments and houses. Acoustic foam panels block echoes created by sound waves by making a room air-tight.

Canada Foam By Mail manufactures acoustic foam panels as wedges, egg crates or pyramid shape. These panels are affordable to any budget and they can improve quality of life of city dwellers. They can be used as sound barriers or absorbers. Noise pollution is a big problem in some urban areas. The highest noise level comfortable to the human ear is 85 decibels and beyond that level can cause permanent damage to the ear drums. Acoustic foam panels can avoid that by blocking loud noises.

Although, environmentally conscious people are worried about heavy usage of foam, manufacturers have found many ways to reuse them. Scrapped foam can be used in carpets to increase thickness. Foam recovered from mattresses is used in many products that need recycled foam. Even people use new foam to save old furniture by re-cushioning them. The whole custom cushions industry developed because of the invention of foam. Old sofas and chairs that could have ended up in landfills can now receive a new life because of polyurethane foam.

Use of rubber products goes as far as Mayan and Aztec times. Rubber plant which grows extremely well in tropical climates was used by ancient civilizations. They learned to make things by using the sap of rubber tree. With the commercial use of rubber, the necessity of a synthetic product arose. As a result of that need, polyurethane foam was developed and today it is one of the most visible synthetic products that we see around us. Today, a company like Canada Foam By Mail has made it easier for consumers to find the right foam product for their needs.
Guest Post provided by Canada Foam By Mail, which manufactures flexible polyurethane foam products. Company maintains affordable prices without compromising quality.