How to deal with a bed bug bite?

Bed bug infestation of homes seems to be increasing at an alarming rate in the past couple of years. No place seems to be safe from the assault of these creatures. It is not only the residential places that get infested with the bed bugs. Bed bugs can invade commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, theatres, and public places like schools, colleges and hospitals too.

Finding a professional service that offers Bed bug extermination Silver Spring, Maryland is easy and you can choose from various providers. Many of these service providers are affordable and are quite skilled at the bed bug extermination. The usual methods utilized in the bed bug extermination are spraying special pesticides in the form of sprays, bug bombs or fumigation. The entire process is done according to a fixed schedule, and heavy infestations may call for repeat treatments.

Bed bugs treatment Baltimore, Maryland takes care to ensure that the bed bugs get exterminated in the entirety, and none of these bugs remain hidden in any of the tiny crevices or between the bed clothes and mattresses. When these bed bugs bite they can leave an itchy rash behind. Many people tend to develop welts or allergic patches around the area of the bite. If you ever get bitten by these bugs, it would help to keep in mind that Calamine lotion is quite helpful in reducing the itching and irritation. The other option is to use any antiseptic ointment over the affected area. If none of these are available ice packs might help in reducing the irritation.

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