How to Get the Full Amount of Your Security Deposit

How-to-Get-the-Full-Amount-of-Your-Security-DepositSeattle-native Andrea Karim has had her fair shares of dealing with property managers, most of them being reasonable. Before completely moving out of her North Seattle apartment, Karim and her boyfriend cleaned from top to bottom making it near spotless. Once they left they received a $75 disposal fee for a tire that was left on the balcony that they forgot. Talk about a property manager milking every penny. But with time comes experience. Here are some items that you can include on a checklist that renters like Karim utilize when looking for a new place.

Before you move into your place, inspect the entire building. Document and photograph any damage that you see. Doing this will not make you liable for damage that was caused by the previous owner. Once you create a full report, talk to your landlord and have them acknowledge your inspection. Have them sign it and photocopy one for yourself.

Accidents occur, and it’s important that you make sure that your space remains tidy and clean. By not cleaning up after yourself and constantly leaving stains, you can bet that many of them will remain permanent.

If there are damages, seek a cost-friendly option to get it fixed. It’s important that you take care of the problem quickly in case of an inspection or the damage spreads.

Go over your contract and ask questions about the requirements of getting your security deposit back. This should actually be done prior to signing your contract simply because some states have the right to keep a portion of your deposit. Many people aren’t freely opening to just giving away money. Know your rights before you sign on the dotted line.

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