4 Top Wedding Sites

Weddings are important events and require a lot of foresight to achieve the desired outcome. Choosing wedding reception sites should be one of the first items to check off a wedding task list, but you should choose a venue that will offer the setting you want. Be sure to check the calendar thoroughly (you don’t want an outdoor wedding in January if you can avoid it), and talk with your wedding coordinator to get some thoughts on great venues.


Gardens are the perfect spaces for outdoor weddings, and often come at a cheap price tag. In Los Angeles, the Japanese Garden makes an excellent outdoor setting with a beautiful and serene landscape. Speak with your local garden’s care taker to find out pricing, and whether the garden is open year round. Be aware that gardens may not allow you to use their facilities for the reception, so you may have to rent another space to cover the reception.

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls in Glendale are equipped to fit most any occasion. With some set dressing, your reception can become a gala event. Crystal chandeliers, fine wine flutes and colored lighting all help to set the mood. The biggest advantage to renting space from a banquet hall is that the planners typically have some prearranged layouts to choose from. These designers can save time trying to figure out things like which lighting color scheme will work with your bridesmaid dresses.


It’s best to try to arrange these types of gathering through a restaurant or beach side property owner. This ensures you have a space to yourself and that you can design an event that fits the vision you want. Beachside weddings also have to take into account sand and weather more so than other venues. Time of day is a lot more important, and beaches are generally cooler than other parts of a city. Make sure your guests are well informed on where to find the site and how to dress for the occasion.

Golf Course

Golf courses have beautiful grounds that they often rent out for private gatherings. You may have to choose a private course if you want facilities all to yourself. Also be aware that some courses double book a day, so you might be in a room separated by a divider while another wedding party celebrates their special day. Ask ahead with your planner and try to choose a date that won’t conflict with others.
The preceding guest post was written by L.A. Banquets, owners of Los Angeles wedding venues that can hold up to 550 guests.