A Guide to Ice Cream Shops Supplies

If you own an ice cream shop or a gelateria, you will need to purchase ice cream shop supplies for your business.  There are many supplies you will need if you are just starting out in the industry.  There will most likely be supplies you may have never thought of purchasing either.  These items include giant plastic straws, ice cream scoopers, gelato scoopers, coffee cup sleeves, clean plastic banana boats and clear plastic sundae bowls.  Giant plastic straws are nine inches long and perfect for shakes, fruit drinks and smoothies.  Ice cream and gelato scoopers are almost the same except the ice cream one is 4 ounces and the gelato one is 2 2/3 ounces.  The coffee sleeves are used to handle cups with hot liquids.  The clear boat is for banana splits and the bowl is perfect for sundaes.

Gelato tasting spoons are perfect for sampling gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt.  There are several colors of these spoons which you can choose from.  You can choose colors that go well with the theme or décor of your shop.  These sampling spoons are three inches long with a round tasting area.  Solid color taster spoons mostly come in pink, red, green and blue.  The transparent tasters are pastel colors but they are clear.  The most popular colors are purple, pink, green blue.

Ice cream cups come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.  Earth friendly cups are eco-friendly.  These come in paper or plastic.  Paper cups are popular in ice cream shops and gelaterias.  They are inexpensive but still sturdy.