Breaking Down the Human Struggle

Article by The Global Spiritualists Association

Everyone falls short or fails from time to time. It could be something small you said at dinner or mistake at work that cost time and money. Sometimes we’re so knocked off balance by our mistakes that we can’t seem to recover. As we meander down life’s pathway, we will find many opportunities to fail. But these can also be learning opportunities.

Life is one long adventure and every worthwhile adventure is fraught with pitfalls. Sometimes we soar through them with flying colors and even look around to see if anyone’s noticed how well we handled that situation. Other instances may find you sitting in the dark with a glass of wine wondering what happened.

There’s something to learn from every event in our lives but strangely, we often learn more from the failures. Maybe it’s because we’re so upset about them that we strive to understand what happened so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

You will probably discover some negative things about yourself along the way. Too often we brush that stuff under the rug when we should allow it to change our behavior. Those who are open to it can learn so much about themselves from their failures.

You may struggle with finances. Own up to it, then make up your mind to change. Take some courses on money management and make it a priority to become a pro at managing your finances.

Are you messy and unorganized? Read up on the many ways to organize your life. You may struggle with social get-togethers. There are so many resources online these days. There are also cost-effective courses at the local community college. Make a pact with yourself to get better this year in a few of those weaker areas.

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