Building Your Home Around Your Television Is Not So Crazy

Along the same lines as that age old question of “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” is an issue that pertains to your television viewing habits. That issue would be “Do you find a television to fit in your home or do you build your home around your television?” The idea of knocking out a wall or building an entirely new room to house a home theatre is not completely unheard of. In fact, many new homebuilders have discovered that an important selling point would be to have a fully operational home movie theatre built into the plans. Clearly, the home theatre concept has replaced the walk-in closet as the “must have” feature for a new home.

For those of us who aren’t planning to move into new digs anytime soon, we have the option of converting an existing room into our own special movie theatre. This is made possible thanks to all the available screening technology and amenities like home theatre seats that can bring that complete movie theatre experience right into your own living space. In fact, it’s an even better movie experience: Try pausing the movie for a bathroom break the next time you go out to the theatre!

What you first have to determine is which room in your home will you dedicate to your screening room. This is crucial because of the amount of size you might need to accommodate those comfy home theatre chairs that you can add into the screening room. A possible option could be to convert your garage into a home movie theatre. With some decent carpeting, a big screen television, cutting edge sound system and proper placement of home theatre seats you might not even remember that you once parked a car in there.

Another important consideration after the floor plan will be the lighting design. One of the things that makes watching movies so much fun is that darken theatre. Your home movie room should be in a space where you can block out the sunlight when necessary. As for the room lighting it is best to go with dimmers so you can be in complete control of the ambience. Since you’ll be making all kinds of adjustments to the sound for the perfect viewing experience, your lighting arrangement should have the same flexibility.

Then there is that issue of seating. Adding in comfortable home theatre chairs will really give your new screening room a distinct flair. These aren’t those stiff back seats you find at your average movie theatre. Instead, home theatre seats are available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your décor. They are closer to individual sofas then seats because you’ll be slipping into cozy comfort every time you show up for a “screening.”

Of course, you can’t have the perfect home theatre without the right viewing screen. Once again, size does matter and it comes down to a question of personal preference. While many home theatre owners opt for a projection system, you might find that a big screen plasma is the perfect pick for your theatre. Whatever you do, don’t forget the popcorn machine!

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