Command Centers: What Constitutes a Complete Technology Solution

Summary: Today’s modern command centers are utilizing new technological pieces to compliment their new-and-improved security methods.

In today’s ever-changing control rooms, furniture and console systems have evolved to new heights and present a simpler, more streamlined approach. Fewer appliances are being utilized and more components are being hidden away via racks.

Efficiently designing network operations center consoles requires a substantial amount of time to analyze the business’s needs. For instance, what type of equipment is needed in the console? How large should the console be? What is the functionality of the console? Furniture systems need to be designed to address the day-to-day operation tasks while also providing the flexibility to accommodate extra operators in the case of an emergency.

When a crisis situation does occur, an additional monitor can be utilized to stream important data and collaborative work consoles can provide stable connections for extra telephones and computers. With an emphasis on efficiency and crisis-aversion, the faster the response time, the better the outcome may be.

Modern Control Room Furniture Modules Provide Flexibility

Control room modules are being offered in larger sizes and are now tailored to the customer’s needs. Some suppliers are helping integrators like Constant Technologies, Inc. for example, create a custom designed by using advanced CAD drawings and rendering the room in full color to help the client visualize the foundation.

Additionally, human factors have become a crucial component when designing consoles. Specifically, the ergonomics of console design are now being weighed heavily due to the detrimental effects of poor posture can have on an operator. For instance, the monitor should be directed in such a way that the operator can sit in a relaxed position without straining his or her neck or eyes. When an operator looks downwards slightly, his or her eyes are not as wide open, which can prevent dry eyes and heavy strain.

Monitor Sizes Are Growing Rapidly

Because the sizes of monitors are increasing so rapidly, furniture systems need to be modified to adjust accordingly. Smaller monitors for desktop applications are being phased out due to the favoring of higher resolutions. Additionally, multiple camera views displayed on one single monitor are replacing the line of multiple monitors, creating a centralized system where an operator can be in many places at once.

Generally, trendy and eye-catching designs are becoming the norm command centers. With new types of work surfaces, side panels, and materials being favored, the command center is no longer an ugly thing of the past, but a technologically advanced key asset of a company.