Common Issues Faced by Customers With Shopping Cart Software

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There’s a very distinct difference between customers who visit an online and a physical store. And that is patience. While there might be impatience when it comes to a normal store, a customer will think twice before leaving the store for another one as opposed to its online version.

All it takes is a few clicks, and your customer will find themselves on a website of your competitor. One reason why this often occurs is because of the shopping cart software that is used to help the customer make purchases.

Here are other reasons why your customer might want to leave your site for that of competitor’s because of ineffective shopping cart software:

#1: As a customer, if you have to register with a site without knowing whether or not that site has the product that you are looking for. Nothing can be so annoying when you spend time registering with the site with your credit card, address and telephone number only to find that the product you are looking for (in using the ecommerce cart software) is out of stock

#2: Since customers visit a site to buy a particular product that they would like to purchase, there are times when they are recommended to buy additional products even before they add the product to the ecommerce cart software before they came to the site to purchase.

#3: Another immediate no-no is that some sites do is to ask the customer to register with the site even before they have added the product they want to buy at the site.

#4: If the customer wants to change something about the products (size, color and other specifications that apply to the product), this will require him to delete it and add the product again.