Considering Offshore Investment in Grand Cayman

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Pro tip: Offshore investing in the Cayman Islands presents plenty of opportunity.

The Cayman Islands are thriving as international banking picks up. That’s lured a lot of visitors that have grown into a few residents. The islands are beautiful, and those in finance frequently visit for various dealings. As a result, there is high demand for rentals both temporary and long-term. Property ownership in Grand Cayman is tax free, save for a stamp duty, so here is a pro tip for offshore investors to generate cash flow from real estate in Grand Cayman.

Commercial Real Estate in Cayman

Cayman’s thriving financial industry has brought a lot of new businesses to the island. Not just bankers, but hospitality and legal jobs too. All income levels benefit when people invest in Cayman Islands commercial property. Restaurants, hotels, law firms, financial groups and travel businesses all need office space and the rental income is tax free once all stamp duties are paid.

It’s also easier to invest in Grand Cayman than it would be to purchase property in the Bahamas, where you may be required to obtain permits for ownership of certain kinds of properties. No such restrictions exist on commercial real estate in Cayman.

The final benefit is that you help put native Caymanians to work every time you invest in Grand Cayman’s infrastructure. The middle class economy depends on renovations and large projects that add to the beauty and modern architecture of the island. In addition to investing yourself, you invest in the future of the Cayman Islands when you bring more business here.