Convex Glass Can Let The Sun Shine Into Your Home

Victorian style homes typically have gobs of decorative flourishes that distinguish them from homes of virtually any other period. And among the many touches that make those homes special, including cornices, wainscotings, stained glass windows and other assorted wood and metal decorative elements are oval shaped windows fashioned from handmade glass.

You may not reside in an authentic Victorian, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same touches that make those homes so remarkable and desirable to many. Windows are especially crucial to any home, and older-styled domiciles typically were outfitted with large windows to let in the maximum amount of sunlight. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a home with a skylight, you might want to consider installing an additional window situated in a space that is calculated to permit the maximum amount of sunlight into your home.

Sticking with the Victorian theme, it’s not unreasonable to proceed with installing and oval frame and a like-shaped window in a strategic wall to not only increase the sunlight you receive, but to add a vintage architectural element to your home, not matter what style it’s built in. For an added touch of Victorian authenticity, consider installing convex glass, which will create a portable into your home as beautiful as the additional sunlight that you’ll receive through it.

Installing this sort of window should not be difficult to achieve, particularly if you’re in touch with carpenters who are experienced in new window installation. You can choose the room where you’d like more sunlight, such as your living room or kitchen. But first make note of the movements of the sun and decide how much direct sunlight you’d like to receive. If your new window would provide a direct view of mid-day sun, this might be too much of a good thing for you, and you might want to choose a wall that offers less direct light flooding into your home.

Also, consider the nature of the glass that you choose. Perhaps you’ll want glass that is tinted to help screen out some of the sun’s more intense, damaging rays, or maybe the glass you choose will be translucent, which will partly reduce the effects of more direct sunlight. The glass’s convex shape may play a role in either magnifying incoming light, which might be desirable in a room that is often too dimply lit, or may dampen the intensity of light due to the thickness of the glass.

Whichever choice you make, be sure to get sound advice from a professional before you begin cutting a new window in your home’s walls, since considerations about direct lighting, waterproofing and aesthetic quality are all issues that an experienced carpenter will be familiar with and can also offer you sage advice about.

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