Credit Reports and Specific Background Checks

Dealing with unknown entities is always a scary concept, especially when it comes to people. Having the ability to run a thorough, complete, and accurate credit report on a prospective client or business partner is an excellent way to get a feel for how they operate. Having a positive credit report indicates a scrupulous person, somebody who is prompt and on time with their payments for purchases and is organized in their finances. On the other hand, a negative credit report indicates a dangerous and possibly harmful person who could damage your business and its finances.

For more personal situations such as hiring a baby sitter, a criminal record search would be more appropriate than running a credit report. Here, the search analyzes the criminal record systems across the country and can tell a parent or prospective employer if their future hire will be trustworthy and safe with their kids.  Additionally, this service can be used to screen for a variety of jobs and can reveal a person’s true character; even if they have tried to bury it in the past.

Finally, a renter eviction search is a relatively new but excellent tool to get a more specific feel for a person’s past housing experiences. Primarily for landlords, this method can quickly and easily discover if a prospective tenant has ever been evicted from a previous place of residence in the past. Eviction is not a one off thing, it is almost always a pattern of behavior and for landlords that something to avoid.