Custom call center solutions

centracomm2Most nursing agencies do not have the financial resources to run a 24 hour answering service internally. However, there is a viable solution for this. By outsourcing the answering service, the agency can offer their patients a 24 hour access point. Not only that, they can also get custom call center solutions tailor made to their requirements.

A local answering service must be flexible in terms of adaptation. This is because rosters and schedules are liable to change at short notice. Therefore contact numbers can change and call re-routing must be done to the correct numbers. This is something that most services offer as a basic standard.

They can also offer a better package by charging the agency on time based billing. This ensures that the agency only pays for time used by them rather than a blanket fee or flat fee. Another benefit of a customized solution is that bilingual support can be requested if needed. This enables the agency to provide a bilingual virtual office for their patients, which can be of immense value. Considering that the U.S. has a very large legal and illegal immigrant population, of which Latinos are the majority, bilingual support becomes more of a necessity.

Another feature of a customized solution is that it will be able to incorporate any existing contact numbers and re-route them to new numbers. This is especially beneficial if the agency has several branches nationwide which are established. This way, patients are not required to remember a new number.