Custom Stencils – Why Ordering Them Online is the Best Way to Buy Them

No matter what kind of stenciling project you have in mind, stenciling is a permanent process.  But, when you buy custom stencils online, you get to see what your creation will look like – before you ever hit the “buy” button.

You may never have even noticed it, but custom stencils are used all over the place.  Anytime you see something painted in a parking lot, storm drain, on a curb, or on a road, it was created using custom stencils.

You can get custom stencils with any letters, numbers, designs, or symbols that you need on them.  But, once you put paint to pavement (or concrete, or wood, or any other surface), your stenciling project becomes permanent.  You certainly do not want a stenciling mess on your hands!  If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to clean up what a sub-par stencil left behind, buy your custom stencils online.

A quality business that offers custom stencils also offers customers a chance to look at the final product before they spend a single cent.  With custom stencils, you can create anything you want.  And, when you buy them online, all you have to do is type in the words that you want, select a font, select a size, and hit “preview”.  Just like that, you will get to see what your creation looks like – long before you ever pay for your custom stencils.  If you don’t like what you see, you can start over.  It really is that easy!

Once you know what you want your custom stencils to look like, you then have to choose what you want the actual stencil to be made out of.  The three most popular types of stencil materials are mylar stencils, metal stencils, and sandblast stencils.  And, if you order them all online, you can preview them before you buy them:

  • Mylar stencils are the traditional type of stencils; in fact, you probably even used small mylar stencils for craft projects when you were a kid.  Mylar stencils are made of a thick plastic material, so they are incredibly durable.  You can wash them and use them over and over again.
  • Metal stencils are sturdier than mylar stencils, because they are usually made out of brass, or some other type of metal that is built to last.  If you need to use your custom stencils now and in the future, metal stencils may be your best bet.
  • Sandblast stencils can be used on virtually any surface – like glass, metal, plastic, marble, wood, and granite.  With sandblast stencils, you sandblast the stenciled design right into the material.  The most common sandblast stencils are used on horizontal surfaces, like floors and tables.  Sandblast stencils are a great way to put a logo on the floor, or to add borders to divide rooms.