Customizing Stencils

Stencils are templates used to paint or draw identical objects or patterns that include letters, numbers, shapes and symbols. Stencils are used as a visual art technique in producing visual materials for learning, craft projects, and decorations. A stencil can be produced by taking away sections from a template material, following an outline of an image or a text. This basically produces the negative. The templates will then be used to produce duplicates of the image that has been stenciled by coating a pigment over the template and all throughout the removed sections.

There are plenty of different stencil designs available in the craft store; however, since they are already pre-made, buyers don’t have much of a freedom to personalize their artwork; thus have to work on whatever designs are available. Creativity wise, using custom made stencils is much preferred because it gives much leeway in terms of personalizing gifts, presentations, or even decorations. Furthermore, when customizing stencils, any favorite design or picture from a magazine clipping or from any source of image, can be copied into a stencil.

Letter stencils are the most popular stencils used mostly in the classroom. These come handy for artwork and learning purposes. Since there are different letter templates available; writing a good slogan, painting a name, or even writing a short poem for someone special is made possible. Finally, most primary school teachers use stencils for the alphabet since the stencils can be ordered in different sizes. Learning is always fun with the right learning tool and teachers.