EDI software selection factors

actdata2Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

When buying into a pre-packaged EDI solution, there are several considerations when it comes to selection. This approach is taken when one of the EDI compliance is required by one of the trading partners and implementation is done solely for that purpose. However, when going this route, there are some selection factors that should be taken into consideration:


As the organization goes to the trading relationship matures, there is likely to be a need to upgrade the existing system in some way. The number of messages may need an increase. There is also the possibility that support will be needed for additional standards or the number of business applications integrated into the system.


Most of the popular EDI outsource packages have network connectivity to multiple networks. However, there are some that are the exception to this rule and have limited connectivity options. This will probably be one of the most important considerations as trading partners might be using different hubs.


There will also be times when two different trading partners will need communication using two different protocols. The software package must be able to accommodate this EDI communication.


Most small organizations will not have any integration between the EDI system and the in-house applications. This will necessitate the printing of hard copies of all incoming EDI messages. Provided there is no integration, the software will need to support this feature.


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