Finger Print Kits – 3 Things You Need to Collect the Best Fingerprints

Summary: Getting a usable fingerprint is important in all sorts of situations. Whether you need to investigate a crime, or simply take fingerprints for a loan application, you need finger print kits that have a prescan enhancer pad, an inkless fingerprint pad, and finger print power – so that you can get the best quality fingerprints.

Collecting fingerprints isn’t just something that police officers and crime scene units do. There are plenty of businesses that need quality fingerprints – like banks, loan companies, and notaries public. To get the best fingerprints, you have to be thorough. That’s why you need finger print kits that include a prescan enhancer pad, an inkless fingerprint pad, and finger print powder.

– A prescan enhancer pad is used to collect fingerprints that are clearer and easier to match. Designed to get rid of outside elements, a prescan enhancer pad draws out the ridges of a fingerprint so that it is clearer and more defined.

In order to enhance the fingerprints, you have to use a clear solution that makes the details of the print easier to spot. By using a prescan enhancer pad, you can ensure that you use the proper amount of solution every time.

Many times, a prescan enhancer pad will be used before you use an electronic fingerprint unit. That way, you can guarantee that the prints will not smudge on the glass.

– An inkless fingerprint pad makes it easy to get fingerprints, without making a huge mess. If you need to collect fingerprints as part of a loan application or background check, an inkless fingerprint pad is the perfect solution. After all, no one wants to feel like a criminal with ink all over their fingers! And, prints taken with an inkless fingerprint pad are just as accurate as prints taken with traditional ink.

– Finger print powder is a great tool for collecting prints that have been left behind somewhere, like at a crime scene. Finger print powder adheres to the fingerprint left behind and shows off the ridge lines and other details in the print – like its edges, pores, and topography. Finger print powder only adheres to the print, and not the background it was left on, like a table or wall. That way, you can see the details of the print perfectly.

Finger print powder makes prints as detailed as possible, which is something that is extremely important – especially in cases where only a partial print has been left behind.