Five Tips for Maintaining Food Safety at Events You Cater

Article Submitted by Foodtradeconsultants
The aspect of a safe and clean environment when handling food in any form is of the upmost importance. Below are five tips that you should follow to ensure that your food is always safe.

  1. 1.      Preparing Food in Advance

Freezing food always damages the quality and the longer your food remains frozen, the higher the chance that it can become hazardous to your health. There are many reference charts to follow citing the maximum amount of time foodstuffs can be frozen or stored, however you would be better advised to prepare as much as possible fresh!

  1. 2.      Insulated Food Containers

To both prevent contamination of any sort as well as regulate heat, you should always ensure that food is transported in insulated food containers. All hot food needs to be kept at a particular temperature according to safety regulations applicable to your country, and the same regulations affect cold food.

  1. 3.      Cleanliness

Your hands, equipment, surfaces and utensils should always be completely clean. Facilitate adequate hand washing stations when catering remotely and ensure all dirty equipment is separated from that which is currently in use.

  1. 4.      Protection from Pests

When catering outdoors or in any location whereby pests such as flies are prevalent, you must cover your food! There are many decorative forms of cover for your dishes available. Ensure that all waste is disposed of quickly and far from the function.

  1. 5.      Cross-Contamination

This is a general food safety concern but should be of even higher importance when catering to a host of people. Do not allow raw and cooked meat to be prepared on the same surface; do not allow any form of contamination between the two!