Five Ways to Use the Law of Attraction to Gain Financial Abundance

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi,


In modern society, it’s easy to convince yourself that you are destined to never have an abundance of money. You might believe that you have to come from money in order to have money, or that you don’t have the intelligence or career path that would enable you to gain financial success. This simply isn’t the case: anyone can find wealth. All you need to do is know how to be receptive to money and it really can come flowing to you.



Finding the secret to manifesting financial success is easier than you might think. Here are five ways that you are use the Law of Attraction to find the path to increased money:


Imagine the feeling of spending more money: The Law of Attraction shows us that regardless of what we want, it is always more powerful to think about how having something will make us feel rather than the act of getting it. This is as true of money as it is of anything else. Think about how you will feel when you are able to afford the new car or the vacation you want rather than focusing on the acquisition of the materials.


Appreciate your current financial situation – no matter what it is: It’s easy to approach money from the standpoint of what you don’t have. But this type of thinking only leads to negative energy that blocks your ability to manifest wealth. Instead, focus on creating positive energy by being thankful for the money that you do have. Take time to appreciate the fact that it pays for the roof over your head, your clothes and the food on your table. Spend some moments of quiet reflection each day to be joyful for your ability to do everything that you currently do right now that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do without money.


Let go of resentments about past financial mistakes: Perhaps you are in a tough financial situation because of mistakes you have made in the past. Or it may be the case that you were the victim of financial woes caused by other people. Regardless of the reason, you accomplish nothing from continuing to harbor resentment for past financial mistakes. All you are doing is creating negative thoughts which inhibit your ability to move forward. Instead, create a positive vibe by learning to forgive other people who have caused you financial headaches in the past — and forgive yourself for any past money issues that you might have caused.


Dr. Eric Amidi is a scientist and expert on how the human mind operates. Eric Amidi teaches people how to use the Law of Attraction to gain financial abundance and personal success.