Forensic Equipment for Non-Criminal Uses

Fingerprint pads, powders and kits are used for more than crime scene investigations. Learn more about the many other uses of forensic items.

Forensic equipment is more than just crimescene supplies. While people who watch hit TV shows like “CSI” and “NCIS” might associate fingerprinting technologies with criminal investigations, the truth is that forensic equipment is used in a variety of facets of professional life. People in a variety of fields use forensic equipment to keep records, do background research and more. Here are a few industries and applications which use fingerprint pads, powders and background records documents on a regular basis:

Banking and Mortgage: In order to process financial transactions like mortgages, business loans and open new accounts, banking and lending institutions need to have proper identification records along with record keeping mechanisms in place to retain and access personal information for future use. Inkless finger print kits are frequently used to take fingerprints from customers, titleholders and other individuals. Inkless pads allow fingerprints to be taken without the inky black mess usually associated with fingerprinting.

Education: Daycare centers and public schools have strict laws requiring background checks for anyone who works with children. This means that schools must perform thorough criminal records checks along with research into other personal information which requires fingerprinting. In addition, many schools will use fingerprint powder and identification cards to store fingerprints, pictures and other identifying information for their students in case of a natural disaster or other emergency where it is important to quickly identify children. Using proper fingerprinting equipment can help schools get better records and keep children safe.

Human Resources: Companies in a variety of fields must perform extensive background checks before a person can be hired. While there are companies that can perform certain aspects of a background check, many larger companies have brought the process internal and have their Human Resources departments handle fingerprinting and running criminal background scans. Much like with schools, companies also frequently keep fingerprint and other identification information on file for emergency purposes.