From Gas Hot Water Heaters to Electric: How to Decide

Maybe your electricity bill has been high during the winter, and you are looking to cut down the costs. Or perhaps you are looking for a way to get that ‘Going Green’ energy rebate, and you want to help the environment. From a gas hot water heater to electric tankless water heaters, there is an answer for you.

The decision between purchasing a gas or electric water heater greatly depends on your needs. A gas water heater has a higher gas bill but lower electric bill, and services a larger family by heating more water for the same price. An electric heater, on the other hand, would cost more for a larger family because it is used as it is demanded, so the more hot water needed, the more electricity is used to heat it. Something else to consider is if your house is wired to handle a high use electric water tank, or if it is less expensive and time consuming to just go with a gas heater.

Going green is also a factor when considering a new water heater. Electric water heaters save on the carbon footprint left in our atmosphere every time it is used, but gas water heaters tend to save on energy costs. If you purchase a tankless electric water heater, most cities will provide a rebate to you.

Location is also important as well. Southern California water heaters might best be bought as electric, since the demand for hot water is lower here, than say, in New York, whether the weather is more frigid and cold.

There are many different factors to deciding between gas or electric water heaters, and the more you know, the better of a decision you can make about which to get.