How Ground Power Units are Evolving Into a More Viable Piece of Equipment

Summary: GPUs work in tandem with other aviation maintenance equipment. With new designs and capabilities being released in newer models, these units are becoming more efficient.

Ground power units are becoming a standard for aviation enthusiasts. Utilized in major commercial airports, these high-powered rigs are evolving into something more than just an accessory. It can provide an extensive amount of power to any tool that requires the capability of a power supply. Moreover, the portable GPU can be easily used in small spaces, making it both efficient and convenient.

The Versatility of GPUs

Ground power units are used in a number of different industries such as aviation, locomotive, and automotive. With a steady flow of power that can fit nearly any type of plane, train, or automobile, it’s no wonder people are investing in them to boost workplace efficiency.

Leading portable power suppliers such as Start Pac, are taking the design of the ground power unit to another level by making them more efficient than the previous design, providing a variety of different power currents and even incorporating a hybrid design that’s energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. These types of units have proven to be a game-changer in the field but most of these units can be had for a consumer-friendly price.

A Cost-Effective Purchase

Not only are these units both versatile and efficient in the field, but they have become affordable as well. This bodes well for industries that simply do not have the budget for expensive maintenance equipment. Smaller stripes that are owned by one or two pilots likely won’t put in the money in a central power system that utilizes a series of interconnected power supplies that suit multiple airplanes. Rather, a portable power unit is a viable and cost-effective option due to its ease-of-use and low maintenance.

Major airports on the other hand, utilize an array of portable power units and a central power grid due to the large number of planes that use the airport. However, the difference between the two are substantial.

The Bottom Line

Portable power units have come a long way from the oil-driven machines that were used decades ago. With units that can function in a higher capacity than gas and batteries, while still supplying a consistent rate of power to vehicles, they’re evolving into something more dependable. The times are changing rather quickly, and with the speed of technological advancement becoming a thing of wonder, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these units are coming out with revolutionary new features and designs.