Identity Theft Protection

The cyber security industry isn’t doing so well. According to Forbes, despite being a $40 billion a year global industry, cyber security has become a big problem in part due to the dramatic increase of malware. As the volume of malware continues to increase, advanced solutions to detect malware continue to dwindle.

While it is impossible to protect yourself completely from identify theft, you can lower the chances of being a victim by hiring industry experts such as IdentityHawk. The cutting-edge team at IdentityHawk aims to help consumers safeguard their assets, properties and good names. For people who are looking for a proactive approach to identity theft protection, IdentityHawk provides just that and much more. The following steps will help to quickly detect and defend against threats to your identity.

Get your identity health score: Receive an assessment of your current risk which reveals your likelihood of identity theft. IdentityHawk offers 24/7 data monitoring to provide you with the most accurate identity health score any time.

Receive information monitoring services: By sifting through billions of records, from public databases to “black market” chat rooms, IdentityHawk will detect potential threats to your identity.

Get alerts: Once a suspicious event is detected, it’s important to find out about it on time. IdentityHawk offers immediate alerts via text or email.

Additional identity protections provided by IdentityHawk include document recovery services, identity theft insurance and around-the-clock support.