Internet Credit Card Processing – 3 Ways it Gives your Customers Safe Transactions

If you plan on making any real money with your business, you need to offer customers a way to make purchases online.  However, when it comes to internet credit card processing, you have to do your homework.  Without the right retail merchant accounts, you could be hanging your customers out to dry.

Offering customers the chance to shop online has become a normal part of doing business.  If you want to make real money, you have to accept credit cards for business online.  If your business hasn’t taken the plunge into the world wide web yet, now is definitely time to do so.  However, before you move forward, you need to make sure you have the right internet credit card processing company.  Otherwise, shoddy retail merchant accounts can turn your online sales from a dream into a nightmare.

People love to shop online.  After all, they can do it on their own schedule – in their pajamas, if they want to!  However, the biggest fear people have about shopping online is that their financial information will wind up in the hands of an online thief.  But, with the right internet credit card processing company you can ease their fears.

Here’s how:

  1.  A good internet credit card processing company authorizes transactions immediately – meaning customers can get their orders sooner.  However, good companies can also set up your account with custom options, so that their financial information can only be seen by certain people at your company.  Anyone who doesn’t need to see customers’ credit card information will not.  The fewer eyes that have access to that sensitive information, the more confident your customers will feel.
  2. When you process credit cards online, you can tell customers all about the security you have to make their transactions safe.  A good internet credit card processing company offers sophisticated fraud encryption and other major security measures to make sure that online transactions are just as safe as purchases made in a traditional store.
  3. A good internet credit card processing company offers 24/7 customer service.  After all, part of the appeal of online shopping is being able to do it anytime, day or night.  If there is something wrong with your company’s credit card processor at 3 AM, you need it fixed immediately.  Your business simply cannot afford to wait for normal business hours to troubleshoot the problem.  Getting technical issues fixed right away means there’s less chance of your customers’ financial information winding up in the wrong hands.