Live Banners: The Evolution of Web Advertising – By Ted Dhanik

There are certain aspects of web advertising that everyone who uses the internet have become familiar with. Pop_up ads, banner ads and the like have become staples of the industry. However, with the increasing popularity of streaming videos and viral distractions found at sites such as YouTube, it seems that something more dynamic may be required to capture the attention of the average internet user. Even though web advertising is still a relatively new medium, it must still continue to evolve its methods of engaging the average consumer. 

The next step may very well be live banners. In essence,  a live banner is a banner ad which continues to change dynamically from moment to moment. For example, say a website were to have an item on sale for just a few hours. Obviously, this would create an interest in a product that is priced to move. A live banner might have a photo of the product with a clock counting down the seconds or minutes until the sale ends. In addition, by noting your location, the banner add could change accordingly. Say that a consumer lived in Germany. The live banner would change the language in accordance to the user’s location. And these are just a few examples of what can be accomplished! 

It is a bold step in advertising that relatively few businesses are using these days. However, since very few folks are using them, the ones that do will have the advantage of standing out in the middle of the same old advertising elements that folks have become accustomed to. 

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