Medical Answering Services – How They Can Help in Times of Crisis

Nothing is worse than being violently ill in the middle of the night and having nowhere to turn. All medical problems do not require a trip to the hospital or a call to 911, though. There are plenty of medical problems that simply need a doctor’s input – whether it’s 3 P.M. or 3 A.M. That’s why, if you’re a doctor, you need to invest in a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist is great for a small practice that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on assistants. After all, it is expensive to pay someone to sit by the phone 24 hours a day! With a virtual receptionist, you get to work with a fully-staffed call center, so you do not have to hire any extra full-time employees.

Medical answering services can take over anytime you cannot make it to the phone. If you go on vacation or into the operating room, your virtual receptionist can take over and handle customer support services for all of your other patients.

Plus, at a call center, each employee is trained on the specific nuances and guidelines of your business. Each virtual receptionist will learn what questions need to be asked, and when to get you involved. If a patient has a problem that doesn’t require your immediate attention, your virtual receptionist can direct them to your voice mail. If something more serious arises, your virtual assistant has the ability to patch you right into the call.

As an added benefit, when you work with a call center, you never have to worry about patients being kept on hold. Each patient will feel like they’re getting your full attention, which can do wonders for your practice!

And, if you want, your virtual receptionist can keep you in the loop anytime a call comes in after-hours. Medical answering services have the ability to notify you of each call, by either sending you an email, sending you a text message, or sending you a page. As an added benefit, a virtual call center will even let you monitor your calls online to make sure that your patients are getting the customer support services that they deserve.