New IdentityHawk Commercial

The Los Angeles Times reports that nearly 10 million Americans are victims of identity theft each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. And while the market is cluttered with companies that offer identity theft services, most of these services inform customers about an identity theft issue after it happens. Unfortunately, this means that by the time you know about the crime, the thief may have already used your personal data to hack into your bank account, open a credit card, or even rent an apartment in your name.

However, there is one company, IdentityHawk, that helps stop fraud before it starts. So how does it work? When it comes to your credit, IdentityHawk offers financial breach tracking services to help identify and inform you when your financial information is at risk. The company also provides around-the-clock identity security scanning and social security monitoring services. Consumers are then alerted before the theft occurs. For example, if the company detects that you social security number is somewhere on the web, they will get an automatic text or email alert. While we can go on an on about this great service, the company has recently launched a new commercial. Check out the IdentityHawk commercial to learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary identity theft protection service.