Prescan Pad and other fingerprinting devices

The Prescan Pad is fast gaining importance in the world of fingerprint identification. In high security areas or buildings, it is essential to log every person who enters and leaves. To do this, various methods can be used but the fastest seems to be the finger print scanner. The fingerprint scanner is not new technology, but it has become common only over the past decade or so. This is due to the improvement in software and hardware manufacturing processes.

However, the software and hardware are only able to work with whatever print is given to them. If the print is smudged then the verification can fail. To avoid this, you can use a Prescan Pad. The device contains a soft pad which is soaked in a solution. Pressing your thumb down on this pad clears it of grease and other contaminants, leaving your finger clean as clean can be. Now when it is placed on the scanner, every ridge and whorl is clearly visible making accurate matches a breeze to do.

Another couple of innovations with regard to fingerprints are the Inkless Fingerprint Pad and the Fingerprint Ink Strip. The former is a very useful device which does not spill and make a mess. Therefore it is very useful in turbulent situations. The latter is useful in the field or in other areas where quick fingerprints need to be taken and there is not much space to do it in. Both products are disposable after use and are non-toxic.