Reinventing Friday Nights

Admit it. You’re the type who wants to go hang out with friends on a weekend. Sure, the usual drinking at the bar, dancing in the club, or eating late dinner by this real nifty place you’d just heard about is your typical idea of a Friday night; but as we grow up, where the only reprieve from a long (and maybe hellish) work week is some sort of relaxing fun, this idea of a ‘typical Friday night’ might seem like too much of a chore.

So what exactly do you want? First, you want to do it from the comforts of your own home, so you can just lie down when the need arises. Second, maybe you want to just prepare a quick-fix meal, or maybe order out. Third, you’d also like to not clean up as much party plates after, so you’d rather find some biodegradable ones that you can just toss out, or maybe someone out there has finally invented aplate with glass holder (which is incredibly awesome and tosses out the need for some coasters). Fourth, you’d just really want to have a great time with great company.

Sounds like your type of after work week retreat? Then maybe all you really need is a little motivation for doing so – when was the last time you got to hang and chill out with your buddies? Maybe it’s been a little bit too long. So go ahead and pick up that phone!

Article submitted by Pioneer Plastics.If you’re not the type to go and be social on a Friday night and would rather go on Sunday brunches then picnic plates might just be the type of fix you’re looking for!