Services offered by Construction advisory service firms

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction projects can be complex and often require a lot of expert advice from many professionals. In most cases hiring such professionals can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, construction advisory service firms will help construction companies effectively and efficiently plan and manage projects, while minimizing disputes. Such firms will have experts like construction claims consultant, audit experts etc., to handle different aspects of the construction project. Here are some services such firms offer.

Governance Assessment – Governance assessments of a project, will highlight current procedures compared with industry best practices. This will highlight if there will be any problems with the project in the future. Identifying these issues early will make management aware of solutions that could be put into place to maintain planned schedules, progress, and cost.

Performance Audit – A construction audit at the start, during or at the end of the project will help clients increase their return on capital project expenditures. Services will include;

Reviewing contracts

Evaluating estimates and budgets

Assessing project controls

Validating schedule

Verifying bonds and insurance policies

Tracking project expenditures and payments

Project Controls and Management Services – These services will look at the projects Critical Path Methodology schedules, costs systems, order processes, and controls.

Dispute Prevention – Claims occur when changes or damaged have not been anticipated and are not in the terms and conditions of the contract. If such disputes have not been foreseen, advisory service firms will provide strategies to manage disputes with a construction claims consultant to assist with the process.


These experts, such as Lyle Charles provide a professional opinion and a complete construction claim analysis. If you are either a contractor or the employer, seeking out the opinions of experts with a construction background will almost always guarantee a step in the right direction.