The Benefits Of Electronic Data Interchange, Helping Maintain Supply

If you are in the retail industry, there is nothing more important than making sure that you have the proper supply of products on your store shelves at all times.  The better management you have of your product supply, the better chances that you will have at turning a profit in your store.  Looking at the WalMart EDI infrastructure, one of the ways the company has been so successful is because of their ability to get products when they need it.  EDI services are making running a retail store more efficient than ever.

The whole idea of electronic data interchange is to make sure that there is a constant feed between two companies in terms of supply data.  The way this works in a retail store is that you have a certain number of products on your store shelves.  Your computer system is tied to a supplier.  The idea being here is that as soon as you run out of stock or get to a certain low point, that supplier is notified so that they will know that you need to be replenished in terms of your inventory.  This is the name of the game with EDI, making sure that your store shelves are stocked at all times so that you can come up with big numbers at the sales register at the end of the day.

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