The Consequences of a Bad Credit Score

Article by Credit Monkey.



If you’re like most consumers, you’re tired of the never-ending cycle of debt. In fact, you may have become indifferent about your credit score because you may believe that the current economic climate means that everyone has bad credit. You may have decided to pay cash for large ticket items, use a debit card for daily purchases, and cut up your credit cards to avoid getting further into debt. While these are all important steps towards getting out of debt, you may still have a bad credit score.

Unfortunately, a bad credit score comes with major consequences over and above affecting the ability to purchase an item on credit or getting a loan. In reality, your credit score can determine whether you land your dream job, the amount of money you shell out for insurance, and even whether your personal relationships work out. For example, by law, an employer has the right with your consent to peak at your credit report and use the information in the hiring decision.

Before you settle for a bad credit rating, check your free credit score online to receive a score from all three major credit bureaus. Then, continue making regular payments on your bills and credit cards to improve your credit rating. A good credit rating will also makes it easier for you to attain more credit at lower interest rates.

About the Author:
This article was submitted by Andre Frenze of Credit Monkey. Credit Monkey is the only online service that offers free credit repair services. Yes you can fix your credit for free! They will submit disputes on your behalf to all the credit bureaus and get derogatory reports removed from your credit report.