The Costs of Starting an Internet Cafe

By now, many people know that starting an Internet cafe is a wonderful business opportunity. Internet cafes are exploding across the country as more entrepreneurs come to realize their profit making potential. Customers love the opportunity to access the web to check their social media sites and email accounts along with the chance to play the latest sweepstakes games.

Despite the rise in popularity of Internet sweepstakes cafes, many potential owners are hesitant about making the leap to starting their business. One of the major factors that keeps people from starting their own cafe is their uncertainty about the initial costs of operations. Along with having to secure rent on a building, opening an Internet cafe means startup costs such as buying machines and installing Internet sweepstakes software.

While this might seem intimidating, the true costs of operations are often far less than you might think. One way to reduce the initial cost of starting up an Internet cafe is to go with a web-based server model such as the one popularized by SweepsCoach. Instead of having to purchase servers that must reside at your location, you can rent server space at an offsite location and have everything hosted through a cloud computing system. This makes the initial cost of business much lower along with reducing maintenance and repair issues that can impact your ability to operate.

The initial cost of setting up an Internet cafe with 20 workstations can be as low as $8,000. Because a web-based system is modular, it’s easy to add an additional phone card sweepstakes machine as your business grows.

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