These Tips Will Save Money and Time on Your Next Construction Dispute

3-Situations-Where-a-Construction-Consultant-Can-Save-You-Serious-CashConstruction is a delicate process, even with all of the advances humanity has made in the machinery it uses to build. The process of organizing labor and actually constructing a building still takes an immense amount of teamwork. At some point during that work, disputes will happen. If you want to save both time and money (the two most precious commodities in construction) read on for tips on how to solve disputes without breaking the bank.

Consultants Lower Costs

Construction consulting services can provide many services that save time in the future, which ultimately saves dollars in the present. A good example is steel fabrication, where consultants can assess in valuation. Consultants can also do important work during the planning phase, including assessing permits and material goods.

Mediate Disputes

Claims are typically easy to resolve if everyone has their paperwork and the dispute is over something minor, but mediation is a much better alternative than trial for anything related to personal injury or serious disputes. Trial eats time and costs money. Court fees, attorney’s fees and lost productivity on both sides draw out the dispute and compound problems. Mediation, by contrast, is over within a few days in most cases. Mediation also leaves both parties feeling like they had the opportunity to voice their concerns.


Much of the materials losses buildings owners suffer comes from theft overnight and when work isn’t happening. If the jobsite is remote, or in an area with easy access, cameras and security are essential to guard against potential losses.

Bio: For 45 years, Lyle Charles has helped manage and consult for commercial and residential construction projects. Now, with Lyle Charles Consulting, Mr. Charles offers his services as a mediator and expert witness.