Tips for Cost-Effective Construction Claims Management

Written by: Lyle Charles

One of the biggest obstacles that an amateur construction outfit will face is construction claims management. If done correctly, the process will still take hours of time out of your work day and reduce the overall effectiveness of your crew. Still, minimizing the financial impact of a claim involves a lot more than winning your case.

Hire a Consultant

If you hire a construction claims consultant with knowledge in your field, you can expect to get a list of which documents you’ll need to present in order to win your case. This person will typically examine your claim front to back, make recommendations based on your situation and may be called to testify as an expert on your behalf if the case goes to court.

Construction claims consultants provide the experience that comes with having worked on several projects over a lifetime. They look over all contract documents, and review the scope of changes. They may also have expertise in materials or personnel, which is helpful for determining where your case might stand.

Resolve the Case Quickly

Time spent is one of the most important metrics during construction claims management, because it represents the largest single effect to your business. If the claim requires too much time to resolve, it might eat into other jobs. If you cause delays elsewhere, you might be looking at additional claims or paying out to fix the delay. Consultants help resolve claims quickly by properly submitting claims, with all necessary documentation, so you can get back to work.