What the Heck is This Twitter Business About, Anyway?

That’s the question that WebProNews posed to its readers. The catch was that responses were limited to one word. As you can imagine, the answers were varied. Some people said “aggrandizement,” “egos,” or “useless,” while others offered up “communication,” “relationships,” and even “possibilities.”

If pressed for an answer, I’d have to say “experimentation.” I know that in the virtual world, one month is the equivalent of about five years, but I still think it’s too soon to concretely and objectively evaluate Twitter’s utility–for communication, for search engine optimization, for anything.

Besides, Nielsen Online recently did a study showing that Twitter’s retention rate sits around 40%. When MySpace and Facebook were in their emergent states, as Twitter is now, their retention rates were nearly double that.

What do you think Twitter is all about?

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