What to Look for in Your Online Time Tracking Software

Anyone who has worked an hourly job before is familiar with time clocks. They’re simple machines or software that makes it easy to monitor when someone clocks in and out. With these solutions, it’s easy to pay hourly employees or discipline them for punctuality issues. Now that online businesses are all the rage, many people need similar options for tracking their employees’ hours, despite working all over the world.

Online time and attendance systems come with many different options. You’ll want one that is, first and foremost, easy for both you and your employees to use. If your employees can’t make sense out of how to clock in or punch out, the software won’t be much use to you. Likewise, if you can’t use the information it provides meaningfully, then it’s as bad as having no software at all.

Speaking of making use of the information, it can help to have more than just the basics. Analytics are probably a big part of your online business, so you can probably imagine how helpful it would be to have them for use when it comes to your employees.

Lastly, it should make all the relevant information easy to read at a glance. For example, those days someone was late or clocked out early, took too long or too little for their lunch, etc. should all be easy to catch right away.


Article submitted by Allied Time. The company has been providing attendance systems to companies since 1996. They sell everything from the most basic punch clocks to some of the more advanced of Amano time clock models.