What You Need for an Online Business

If you’re planning to launch an e-commerce company, you will need more than a fancy website. In addition to your site, you will need to invest in a wide range of online software and equipment so you can process everything from an online credit card payment to a payment over the phone. The following is a list of the top five software and equipment you will need to operate a successful online business.

Online payment processing software: If you’ve heard of PayPal, then you know what online payment processing software is. You need it to accept and process payments, including major credit cards and debit cards. The right software should be able to process orders at any time of day and on any day of the week. Once a customer makes a payment online, the software instantly charges the credit card and sends you an email with the customer information. Then, you can fill out an order. When you open a credit card merchant account, ask your provider if they offer this type of software, since some companies offer it for free.

Online check software. Along with the ability to accept credit cards, you might want to provide your customers with the option to pay by check. If so, you will need separate software to accept checks. To make things more convenient for you and the customer, find software that accepts checks by web, phone, and fax.

Wireless credit card processing: In addition to online payment processing software, you might want a way to accept credit cards on the go. Some merchant account providers can offer you wireless credit card processing software designed for smart phones. This handy software makes it possible for merchants on the go to accept payments no matter where their business takes them.

Online shopping cart: You can’t own an online business without an online shopping cart, essential software that provides seamless checkout at your website. With the right online shopping carts, customers don’t have to leave your website when they checkout to purchase your products or services.

Virtual terminal: Some customers still don’t want to pay over the internet. Instead, they want a secure way to pay either by phone or in person. If you have an online company, you can still provide your customers with traditional ways to pay through a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal makes it possible for your customers to pay in person through the computer, but at least they can see a real person instead of simply paying over the web.


This post was provided by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc., a major credit card processing company that offers traditional and online credit card processing services for all types of business.  Open an online merchant account today.