When to install a shopping cart

2Written by Secure Net Shop

Not every business online needs a shopping cart. Most will be fine with accepting orders via email and collecting payments through one of the many online payment gateways. There is a point however when it becomes more viable to switch to online shopping cart software from your manual email and paper based system how to reduce weight quickly. Here are a few of these points:


At a certain point it will be difficult to cope with a manual system when your sales hit a certain volume. While a single person or a team can handle several hundred orders a month manually, eventually it becomes uneconomical. There will be a point where you cannot keep up with the number of orders coming in, that is when you should switch to a commerce shopping cart.


Let’s assume that although high current levels of sales volume can be handled manually. The issue now is a case of not being able to improve your product and sales using the sales data you already have. This is where a shopping cart system can help. All sales data will be one system so you can then use reports and look at sales by location, time of day etc. The most important tracking is when it comes to shopping cart abandonment.


A lot sales and exposure online come from online promotions and sales. Doing this manually is going to be very difficult if not impossible. Take for example a 24 hour discount window. It is going to be very difficult to say when a sale ended when handling orders manually. For events such as these you will have to use a shopping cart.


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