Why It’s Important to Stay Organized While Working from Home

Offices at workplaces are designed for optimal organization and cleanliness because staying organized has a host of benefits for increasing workplace productivity. As Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and co-founder of Perch, explains, “Based on my experience, having an organized desk can increase your productivity in a few crucial ways. Staying organized helps you reduce stress and save time since you won’t lose any focus looking for things you can’t find.” Lucy Lyle continues, “Studies have actually shown that something as small as clutter can lose you money, because the more time you spend looking for things, the less time you spend on work. Staying organized is a form of self-respect and a sign that you care about your time.”

This applies even to employees working from home. The appeal of working from home is a less stressful, more comfortable work environment. However, being able to do your daily tasks in the comfort of your own home may tempt you to become too relaxed when it comes to your work desk. If your desk is usually cluttered, it may be time to do some rearranging. Make sure all necessary materials are in sight and easy to reach, and separate them according to categories that you understand. Also, be sure to place potential distractions such as televisions in separate rooms from your home office.

Lucy Lyle also advises, “Once you let a pile of clutter start, no matter how small it is, it can soon grow and encourage bad habits. Be sure to nip it in the bud by having separate containers for different objects. And never put an object where it doesn’t belong.”