Wireless Credit Card Machine Options

The ability to accept credit cards anywhere is critical for many businesses. If you are a company that provides services outside of an office, having access to wireless credit card processing provides you with an instant and convenient way for customers to pay you. Anyone from taxi cab drivers to masseuses can benefit from being able to accept a credit card wirelessly.

If you are looking to purchase a wireless credit card terminal, there are certain elements that are important to keep in mind. One is the type of paper that is used to print out receipts. Most wireless terminals either use dot matrix printers or thermal imaging printers. Dot matrix technology is more affordable but printing typically takes longer. While thermal imaging is faster, it also requires special thermal paper in order to print.

There are other considerations to make before purchasing or leasing a wireless credit card reader. Some readers come with removable Flash memory, which makes it easier to store information and upload updates to the system. An externs PIN device also allows customers to input PIN information if they are using an ATM card. If you are considering a wireless credit card machine, you can discuss your options with a Total Merchant Service representative. They can help you sort through the various options and decide which machine is the right choice for you.