Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes

There are few Halloween costumes that can be worn more that once a year. Let’s face it, when and where are you ever going to wear that large bright yellow banana costume? To make the most out of your Halloween costume this year, here are a few costume ideas that can be worn twice or even three times a year on other major holidays and special events.

Pilgrim costumes: The pilgrim costume is perhaps one of the most versatile costume ideas. Pilgrim costumes can be worn on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and can be used as a theater costume for a wide variety of plays set in the early 17th century.

Grinch costumes: The classic Dr. Seuss character, the evil Grinch, makes for a quirky costume that can be worn on Halloween and later on in the year during a Christmas play or family gathering. Feel free to wear this mask to other costume parties such as Mardi Gras.

Fairy Costumes:  A fairy costume is always a hit on Halloween night; however, it can also be worn to other costume parties, too. Wear your fairy costume to a Pimp and Ho party or magical Disney-themed costume party. To change it up a little, you can purchase different wings or wands and pair the costume with different pairs of shoes from your own closet.
With just a little creativity, you can wear your Halloween costume more than once a year.

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