Consumers With Bad Credit Or Low Income Get “The Shaft.”

Do consumers with poor credit and or low income get preyed upon by opportunistic companies compared to those consumers with clean credit? The answer is “Yes” and it’s an age-old and unfair practice. The website Mint at put together a tongue-and-cheek flow chart called “The Shaft” to illustrate these practices. The most common scams used by shady companies to prey on consumers in financial dire-straights include “Rent to Own,” “Pay-Day Loans” and “Bad Credit Cards.” These scams are offered under the guise of helping the consumer, but they come at a hefty price tag. The end result often includes astronomical interest rates (try 531% in one example) and consumers end up “upside down” in the deal. Bottom line is that these scams work against the consumer by landing the consumer further in debt. To improve your credit score or for more information on credit report repair, contact Vitesse Financial.

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