Do You Need Auto Shipping Insurance?

Chances are that your car is already covered by standard auto insurance, but if you are going to have a car moving company transport your car, you may want to purchase additional shipping insurance. While auto shipping companies are required to carry their own insurance to protect your vehicle during transport, you may find that this insurance is insufficient for the value of the car and the level of coverage you want.

Typically, the company’s insurance will cover the lowest Kelly Blue Book value for your car’s make, model, and year. Some policies will also exclude coverage of certain parts of the car such as the undercarriage or glass, and most do not cover personal belongings stored inside. Additionally, you may have to meet a deductible if any damage is incurred during transport, and the company may or may not pay for a rental if you need a vehicle while the damage is being repaired.

Most cars arrive at their final destinations safe and sound, but with all of the conditions tied to insurance, plus the variables of transport, additional car shipping insurance may be a good idea, especially if a rare, exotic, or very expensive car needs to be moved. Contact your current auto insurer to see if they can offer you coverage or contract an independent insurer. Whether you end up relying on the shipping company’s insurance or purchasing your own, be sure to get everything in writing to guarantee protection for your car during the move.

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