Electrical cord storage alternatives

The last thing you want to do is leave your extension cords all around the house and garage for your family to constantly trip and stumble over. Not only is this annoying for them, but it’s potentially dangerous. A great solution is a product like Pioneer Plastics’ CordGrip, which hooks anywhere from a wall to a belt to keep cords organized.

But what if you are in a situation where you don’t have access to an extension cord organization product created by a top plastic manufacturer? There are ways that you can keep your extension cords organized and out of harm’s way in a pinch. They might not be as effective as a product especially made for the task, but they can work:

  • Wrap the extension cord around a hanger, or a cylindrical object such as a bucket on the wall or a cardboard roll from used toilet paper, paper towels or gift wrap. Make sure that you wrap it tight and hang it at an angle.
  • Wraps designed for holiday lights can also work for extension cords depending on the circumference of the cord.
  • Using a Velcro strap or zip tie can keep cords wrapped by hand together.
  • Simply shoving your cords in wholesale plastic containers is a bad idea – while they are off the ground, they can easily get tangled and knotted together.

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