Lone Star Circle of Care launches centralized call center

According to the Community Impact newspaper, Lone Star Circle of Care in central Texas has launched a centralized call center to provide improved customer support services for its uninsured and underinsured patients at 10 clinics throughout the area.

The new customer service solution will provide a wide range of services designed to streamline the process for the more than 35,000 who rely on Lone Star Circle of Care for their health care needs. This includes incoming patient calls, appointment scheduling, referrals and other clinical inquiries. While the majority of calls will be handled through one number, anyone who needs to schedule an appointment at one of the two Lone Star Circle of Care dental clinics or with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health will be automatically transferred to the right department from the call center.

“This centralized call center will not only increase convenience for our patients and improve the patient experience, it will also create efficiencies within our entire system and enhance the operational flow of our clinics,” said Jayne Pope, CEO of Clinical Systems for LSCC.

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