Len Blavatnik is Britain’s richest man

Written by Access Industries

Len Blavatnik is now britain’s richest man. He is also known as an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Here are few more facts:

  1. He was born in the Ukraine. Len Blavatnik studied at the Moscow State University. He migrated to the United States in 1978 and eventually became a citizen in 1984. His educational background started with a computer science degree from Columbia and led to an MBA at Harvard.
  2. In a much publicised deal in 2011, he bought the Warner Music group for 3.3 billion dollars. It is important to know that Len blavatnik entrepreneur started with nothing when he was 21 years old.
  3. The billionaire owns a grade 2 listed home in London’s most exclusive Kensington Palace gardens. It is said to be valued 41 million pounds.
  4. During the cannes film festival, he throws a party on his yacht. The yacht was named Odessa after the city of his birth in the Ukraine.
  5. In 2010 he donated 75 million pounds to the Oxford university. The university was criticized for accepting the donation.
  6. He also made donations to Yale and Harvard university for research into diseases.
  7. He is married and has four children. Two sons and two daughters. It was reported that Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars performed at his daughter’s bat mitzvahs.
  8. The blavatnik family foundation is a leading supporter of scientific and cultural awards.


If you’ve ever heard of the New York Academy of Science, Len Blavatnik needs no introduction. Aside from being the man at the top of Access Industries is also a world renowned philanthropist.