Things To Consider Before Agreeing To Accelerate A Construction Project

Summary: Before signing a contract to speed up a construction project, think about the risks and rewards associated with it.

As traffic increases, the amount of time cities want to spend doing construction decreases. Before you agree to complete the construction project in less time than you typically would, you need to consider all factors, both risks and rewards. Take the time to do thorough research before coming to a conclusion.

First, you may want to hire a construction turnaround services group to help you determine what obstacles you might come across. These professionals can be available to you from the inception of the contract through the entire project. It is a great idea to consult with them, as they have seen many different scenarios.

Increased Revenues

When asked to accelerate your work, you always have the opportunity to ask for more pay. This is one of the few advantages, if not the only one, of agreeing to speed up a construction project. A lot of the increased revenues will likely go to funding the project, however, as there will be higher costs to get the job done.

Increased Costs

There are the clear cut costs of increasing crew size and materials to get the job done faster. But you also need to think about the waste that will be generated at a quicker rate, the extra space you will need to host all the different stages of the project, and the potential premium you will pay to vendors who are expediting your orders.

Aside from additional monetary costs, you also need to consider how much time it will take to get all the proper permits and licenses to start the construction. As these could take a couple weeks to attain, calculating the process into your timeline is crucial, in case there are any unexpected delays. While this is not an outright monetary cost, any time spent dealing with administrative issues is an obstacle to the project’s success. Make sure to ask professionals, like those at Lyle Charles Consulting, for assistance with these if needed.

Concrete Is Key

One of the easier ways to accelerate your construction project is in the type of concrete you use. Rapid setting concrete is always an option, but make sure you and your crew know all of its characteristics – how it pours, how it spreads, how it sets – before you begin using it.

At the end of the day, doing a project quicker is never worth the risk if you cannot do it well. Make sure you take everything into consideration before you sign the contract with the timeline.