Using a Control Room to Boost Productivity in a Marketing Agency

Summary: Implementing a control room in your marketing agency can be a helpful way to boost overall productivity.


The ability to market a company’s goods or services can play a large role in their success. Regardless of how polished and useful a specific product or service is, if a business is unable to market in a way that somehow gets people excited about what you are producing, there is a possibility that profits will be lower than expected.


Since marketing can play such an instrumental role, marketing agencies need to be productive and effective to compete. Using a control room in your agency could help you make your agency more productive and make it easier to help clients out.


Testing Before Launching


Marketing agencies can help design and implement campaigns for the launches of companies’ products. If your agency works with physical methods of marketing, such large billboards, bus stop advertisements, or mall displays, you can use video wall integration to test the visuals of the campaigns before actually launching them. You could try different versions and locations to give the clients options. Giving your clients options could help them decide on a campaign that they would be the most satisfied with.


Aggregated Statistics


Another way a control room could help a marketing agency is by being able to aggregate information in a format that is easy to view and understand. For example, you can track social media engagement, the effectiveness of campaigns, and sales. These and other statistics could all be displayed on a video wall installed by companies like so relevant, crucial information is always available in real-time.