A great website for covered call portfolio management

If you are looking to get into covered call portfolio management, chances are that you have started looking on the Internet for a good lead. Unfortunately there are hundreds of websites that offer to help you with covered calls and it is not easy to sift through them to find a good one. If you are in this situation, one of the websites you should check out is https://www.borntosell.com/.

The website is well structured and has a non-nonsense approach to the subject of covered calls. There are no flashing or animated graphics, advertisements or any of the usual bothers that you will see on other websites. It is particularly geared to getting the job done and as such has all the tools you will need to get started. The website has an excellent free tutorial section that provides great insight and information for beginners as well as others.

The website has two key tools which are extremely helpful to users; they are the covered call screener and covered call portfolio management tool. It also offers a no-obligation 2 week free trial so that anyone who wants to have a go at it can do so without any fear. As you can probably gather, this website is more about “doing something” rather than trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting visitors. If you are into the stock trading business, go take a look around the site and see if it interests you. After all, the only thing it’s going cost you is a few minutes of your time.